Instructions & Player Selection:

Pick the indicated number of players from each group, plus 2 players NOT LISTED in any of the groups as your Write-in selections, for a Total of 12 Players, breakdown listed below:


Scoring is simple.

1 point for every home run each of your 12 players hit, PLUS you get an extra half point(.5) for each home run your Bonus Baby hits.(So your bonus Baby is worth 1.5 points per home run)

There are NO TRADES OR SUBSTITUTIONS. Once you select a player for your roster, They are yours for the entire 2021 season. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Pool runs for The 2021 MLB Regular Season a Maximum of 162 Games. Please Note the following: For the purposes of this pool. Any extra games(163rd) played to determine or to break a tie will not be recognized and will not count towards your final Home run total.(While MLB does regard any stats from these games as counting towards the regular season, I do not. For this pool, I think that it would be unfair if someone lost by 1 HR because the other person was lucky enough to have someone who was able to get extra at-bats because his team played in one extra game.) The following is determined by MLB baseball and out of the control of cmhrp sports: rainouts and other cancellations are often rescheduled ad hoc during the season, sometimes as doubleheaders. However, if two teams are scheduled to meet for the final time in the last two weeks of the season, and the game is cancelled, it may not be rescheduled if there is no impact on the divisional or wild card races


In the event of a tie for any of the prize payout positions, the following tiebreaker will be applied until the tie is broken. Your answers to the Tiebreaker question on the entry form.

How Many HRs will Mike Trout hit this year?

If teams remain tied after tiebreaker has been applied, then the prize will be split accordingly.


The website will be updated on a daily basis during the season, Unless otherwise noted.


The entry fee is $10 per entry.

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS April 1, 2021. Unless MLB season postpones the start of the season, then the deadline will be extended.

Contest Conditions

Covid-19 Clause: Due to uncertainty of the virus there is no guarantee the season will be completed in an 162 games, In the event MLB changes the schedule the current Max of Games will be whatever is decided by MLB. In the event the season is cancelled All money will be refunded. In the event the season is put on hold the contest will resume providing MLB resumes the Regular season schedule. If the season doesn't resume and the remainder of the season is cancelled then a determination will be made by the commissioner based on the amount of games actually played at the time the season was put on hold.

CMHRP reserves the right to change this contest due to inaccuracies at any time.

CMHRP will do everything we can to honor prize giveaways, but are subject to change at any time.

There are NO REFUNDS once you've signed up, paid and submitted your roster.

Prizes will be based on the number of PAID entries received, minus any administrative expenses(cost associated with running the pool: Website cost, Paypal fees, mailing cost, bank fees, and anything else incurred.) Any money that was set aside for administrative purposes that was not used for will be returned to the prize pool.

All prizes will be distributed at the end of the season

The Team Name or alias must be good taste, must not be offensive to an individual or group, and can not contain any Vulgar, anti-racial, sexual in nature, or any name that can be construed to be in poor taste.

The commissioner reserves the right to petition the team(s) in question to submit a new team name or alias, In the event the request is ignored or no new team name or alias is submitted, the commissioner has the right to make the necessary changes.

Cmhrp sports is in no way affiliated with Major League Baseball.